Germany Part II: Berlin

Hello guys! How are you guys doing? I’ve been doing really really well, and I love how it’s been mostly sunny in Amsterdam these days! So as promised, here comes my second part of Germany story!

After Stuttgart, I continued my journey to Berlin. I rode on a train, it took me what seemed like forever to get there. The trip was 6 hours and 29 minutes to be exact, with 2 stops before I reached Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The ticket was a pretty good deal, it was only Euro 45,90, the only downside was that I had to travel at 7 AM in the morning.
I went to Berlin for one reason: ITB Berlin 2017. Any of you who works in tourism or hospitality industry probably know exactly what I mean, but for those who don’t, this is a tourism trade fair, the largest one in the world. I was very blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend ITB Berlin this year, it’s a really big deal for a girl who grew up watching her dad attending this fair every year, as well as helped her former boss arranged his trip to ITB (when I was still working in a hotel). So it was a surreal moment for me, another dream that came true. It mattered a lot to me and still does because if I was working in Indonesia, it would take me a really long time to be able to attend this event. Not only because it is an important & largest tourism fair so only the director level will be assigned to attend, but also because Europe is half-way across the world from Bali so it’s expensive, hence only 1 or maximum 2 people can be assigned to go there. So, well, I hope you guys get it, just how amazing it was for me to be given the chance to participate in this year’s ITB. I find it very difficult to explain why ITB Berlin matters to me, I kept coming back to this paragraph while editing this blog.

Okay, so enough blabbering and more story-telling, I guess. My first impression of Berlin was: dark. Maybe it was just the weather, I can’t really explain why I felt that the city was so dark for me at that time. Also the neighborhood of the hostel where I stayed at was a bit creepy, even in broad day light. There were abandoned buildings covered with graffiti, also people walking around wearing eccentric clothing. Bear in mind I just got off from a long train ride so I wasn’t thinking positively at that very moment, I was carrying a suitcase and a backpack that weighed maybe half of my body weight (exaggerating as always lol).

However, on the 3rd day that I was there, I started to fall in love with Berlin. Yes, there were abandoned buildings covered in graffiti and people walking around wearing eccentric clothing, but then I realized how artsy the city was. I realized that the most graffiti on the walls are very cool, there were people who really took their time and put on effort to make an abandoned building look more, alive, I guess. And those people who were wearing eccentric clothing are actually artists. And the buskers! I’ve always loved street performances in general so I was excited whenever I found a busker in almost every corner of Berlin.

Berlin is a city that holds a lot of history, and is the capital city of Germany. There are so many historical sites that will bring back the sad and tragic memory of Holocaust, and also the story about how the city was divided into two by the Berlin wall. Well, I believe you guys are familiar with the Holocaust story. What about the Berlin wall? I didn’t really know about that until I got there and my colleague explained to me what happened back then. It broke my heart when I found out that families were separated from each other by a wall, so many hearts were broken and lives were taken because of the bizarre regime at that moment. If you guys haven’t heard about the story, I suggest you guys to google it and read it.

Due to the short visit, I was only able to visit the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Monument. However I really enjoyed my short visit, and some kind of miracle happened as well. I was all alone in ITB Berlin because my colleague was still on her way from Amsterdam, so I was alone for like 4 hours during the fair and I didn’t know anyone. But then, a girl walked by and we talked, and then instantly became friends! We ate lunch together and then she took me around Berlin the next evening. God knows I needed a friend at that moment, and He sent me a really good friend! I’ve always believed in miracles, I encourage that you guys do too. I will definitely visit her again in Berlin if I have the chance.

Well that’s about it guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing much these days, I’ve been having a mind block or something, I find it really hard to write or be creative at all. I will be travelling some more before going back home to Indonesia, and for sure I will be sharing my experience with you.

Be inspired, be healthy and be happy…always.

Keep on dreaming and never give up on your dreams. It will happen, believe me ❤

All love,



Enjoy the photos!