Germany Part I: Stuttgart and Tübingen

Hello my darlings!

I am now ready to tell you all about my 1 week visit to Germany. I had to go there for work in Berlin, so I figured why not visit my friends who are now living in Stuttgart? So I went to Stuttgart first before finally heading to Berlin to attend ITB Berlin 2017 (if you are working in tourism industry you probably now what this is all about).

I flew from Amsterdam by Euro Wings, it was supposed to be a low-cost carrier, however due to the last minute purchase, it wasn’t as low-cost as it should be. My plane ticket was Euro 108,99 for Amsterdam-Stuttgart ONLY. If I booked it earlier it would cost me roughly around Euro 120,00 for round trip tickets.The train is not a cheaper alternative, so I’d rather save time by flying. My friends were kind enough to let me stay at their houses, so I didn’t have to worry about accommodation while I was in Stuttgart. I was very happy and very well taken care of by the both of them and their husbands. Special shout out to Ce Ica, Ce Shella, Koko Carsten & Koko Benny for their hospitality during my stay in Stuttgart! You guys rock! I had too much fun and really lack of sleep hehe (girls gotta have their ‘curhat’ session and gossip session).

I didn’t have much photos from Stuttgart because we actually went to Strasbourg in France on the first day, but I will do a separate blog about that one. However, my friends did take me to a very high tower in Stuttgart, the place is called the Fernsehturm Stuttgart. It was the very first television tower in Stuttgart, the 217 metre-high tower is now 60 years old, that is one pretty strong concrete! Today the tower is no longer used as a television tower because of course technology has already improved a lot since then. But it is still a very famous land mark and people still go to the tower, go up and you can enjoy the view as well as chill and have coffee with a priceless view. 

When I was up there,  I looked around and I never felt so small. The world is so big, and I imagined I was just one of the billion of people out there. It made me think about how amazing that someone ‘up’ there actually created a world like this, and created people with different height, colour, and talents. It was just a wonderful moment, it made me realised that there is no limit to a person’s dream. As long as we work hard for it, we can definitely achieve it! As I took a  good look of my surrounding when I was 217 metre above ground, I knew I wanted to travel to more places in this world, meet more people, make more friends, create my own world inside this world. I want to leave my mark in this world and the people that I meet, make more people smile!

Afterwards we went to church in ICF Stuttgart International Church, I don’t really have pictures of the church but it was awesome. I had so much fun during the worship and I felt really blessed after the sermon. If anyone ever going to visit Stuttgart and looking for a place of worship, you should totally go to this church. Believe me, you’ll feel so blessed after the worship.

The next day was just a shopping day, we went to the city centre of Stuttgart and had a nice lunch, afterwards just shopping. I was enjoying the day with the girls so I didn’t bring my camera with me.

The following day, we went to a very very beautiful place called Tübingen. Oh I have to say I was very much in love with the small town, so freaking beautiful. Small streets, colorful houses, old but pretty buildings. So I found out that Tübingen is a university town, so most people who live there are actually students. It was 30 km away from Stuttgart, so about 45 minutes drive. I had a really nice time walking around the small town and had goulash soup for lunch in a very cute small restaurant that we passed by.

The number one reason why we went to Tübingen was because of the colorful houses by the river. We saw a picture in Pinterest and then fell in love with it, so we thought we really had to see it!

I have to say that my trip to Stuttgart was a big success, because I had so much fun, so blessed and so happy! I can’t wait to share with you the second part of my Germany blog, it will be about my trip to Berlin.

I’ll talk to you soon darlings, thanks for reading my inexperienced story telling ❤

Keep dreaming, it’s free. But always remember to wake up and make it happen!

Sending you loads of love from the now-still cold but sunny Amsterdam!

Pingkania Rompas<3




Enjoy the photos!





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