Beautiful Belgium: A Visit to Brussels

Hi darlings! How are you guys? I haven’t been writing in a while, because I had been travelling to Germany for one whole week last week for both pleasure and business. I really miss writing and sharing my stories with you guys, so I’m super happy to be back! I have tons of photos to edit and even more videos to edit for my vlog. But I’m going to take it slow, otherwise it will all be a big ball of mess hehe.

I know that my posts had been more about my stories instead of informative tips or detailed prices information of the places that I visited, but luckily this time I still have the details of the train tickets, hotels and even meals! So what happened was, I went to Brussels with my friend and we had to split payments for the hotel and meals, and there were times when I paid first and then she also paid some things too, so in the end we had to pay each other back, it got all complicated and confusing, hence why she decided to make an excel sheet so that we could pay each other correctly hehe. Huh the struggle was real.

FYI, this is my first time visiting another country in Europe after the Netherlands. So I was pretty excited about this trip. I didn’t go to Brussels straight from Amsterdam, because my friend is living in Eindhoven, and there was a carnival going on in Eindhoven and I really wanted to see that too. So on Friday night, I went by train to Eindhoven from Amsterdam  Centraal. This one I don’t know the regular price, but my friend got me a group ticket so it was 7,50 Euro which was I think a lot cheaper than the regular price. Early in the morning, we took the train from Eindhoven to Brussels, the round trip train ticket was 42,90 Euro per person. Our train left the station at 7 AM, and we arrived in Brussels at 10.30 AM. It wasn’t a direct train, we had to change twice, but it was very easy and convenient.

We checked in into the Best Western Royal Centre, only 10 minutes walk from the station. Although the walking distance was pretty close, I have to give you a heads up about the landscape, unlike the flat and pedestrian friendly streets like in Holland, the landscape in Brussels is much more challenging, it went uphill and then down again. I was struggling with my suitcase, because the stones that paved the streets were uneven so it was just difficult to drag my suitcase to the hotel. As for the hotel, we paid 61,20 Euro per room per night, including breakfast for 2 people. I liked the hotel very much, it was very clean and comfortable. We both decided that we wanted a nice hotel, because we would only stay for one night so it was okay to stay in a nicer hotel instead of staying at a cheaper hostel or dorm.

Since it was going to be a very short visit, after checking in we went straight to the city centre to start exploring. On our way to the Grand Place, we first found the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula. Let me tell you guys, I was in awe. It was a really pretty church. I thought it was the prettiest church that I had ever been to in my life, well it was at that very moment, but I went to Strasbourg in France the following week, so that changed everything. But still, for me it was a surreal moment. I don’t think the pictures that I took did justice to the beauty of the cathedral.

I told you that I was already in awe of the cathedral, but then I stepped foot in the Grand Place. Seriously, it was the definition of GRAND. I really don’t know how to elaborate further about this place, all I can say is that it’s a must-visit kind of place if you go to Brussels. I had goosebumps when I was standing there.

And of course I had to pay a visit to the famous statue of a boy peeing in the corner of the street, the Manneken Pis. However, due to the carnival season he was clothed in a very weird outfit, I couldn’t even recognise him anymore.

As for culinary experience, I have to say Belgian Waffle won my heart, hands down, the best yummiest treat ever. I had a Belgian Waffle with milk chocolate and banana as the toppings, and it was just heavenly. I also tried the Belgian Beer, and I loved it very much too. I think I gained 2-3 kilos that day, I ate so much and I was super happy!

The next day we didn’t have enough time to explore, but luckily we had the chance to see the Atomium. Just like the name, it is a giant statue in the shape of the atom.

It was a very short but happy journey. I had a lot of fun and discovered so many beautiful places and buildings. I really love the architecture here in Europe, really different from what we have in Indonesia. Walking down the streets of Brussels made me feel very thankful for the opportunities that were given to me. I tried my best to just take a deep breath and enjoy every moment with my own eyes before trying to take pictures or videos.

It was a surreal moment…so dreamy!

That’s it for now guys, I will be back soon with stories from Germany!

Keep dreaming, will you? I hope my post wakes you up so that you can start chasing your dreams too!

Sending you lovesss,


Enjoy the  photos now!


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