Impulsive Visit to Den Haag

Hi guys! How are you? Friday is finally here again, and my visit to the Netherlands is getting shorter and shorter now. I really  miss the comfort of home, but Amsterdam has been really great to me too, I’m starting to get separation anxiety haha.

So two weeks ago I went to Den Haag, or also known as The Hague. I didn’t plan to go there, but my initial plan was canceled so I contacted another friend and she took me to visit the Hague for the first time. As usual I took the train from Central Station, it took about an hour of train ride to reach the Hague. I’m so sorry but I can’t remember how much it was for the train ride, but it should be somewhere between 15-2o Euro per way.

It was a very gloomy day, I wasn’t really feeling like exploring and I was hungry and super hung over. I did my best to take some photos and vlog, but my camera ran out of battery. Fortunately I did snap a few nice photos at some very nice places. And please excuse me because this blog will contain a lot of photos with me in it, because as I said the camera was running out of battery so I had to take photos with me in it for my memory hehe.

I basically just walk around the city and chat with my friend, you know girls talk. We went to see the Binnenhof. 

However, the highlight of the trip was a visit to the beach! I mean you guys, especially those of you who came from an island, you probably would understand how much the winter killed me a little bit inside. I just miss my beach days! Well unfortunately it was impossible to take a dip, because the beach was very cold. The place is called Scheveningen, a very beautiful place. It would be nice to walk around the area with your special someone, and just enjoy the view of the beach.

For Indonesians who are coming to visit the Netherlands and you find  yourself missing Indonesian food, check out the Indonesian Restaurants in the Hague….there are plenty to choose from! I heard that there are so many Indonesian who lives in the Hague.

Well that’s it for now guys, I will be sharing another adventure with you soon! I got really sick this week because of the temperature that keeps changing here in Amsterdam. One day it’s very nice and sunny, the next day it’s dark and stormy. 

I’ll talk to you guys in no time!

Keep dreaming…please? Then wake up and make it happen.

All love,



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