More Windmills? A visit to Gouda & Kinderdijk

Hi my beautiful friends! How many of you are relieved that it’s weekend again? Well I am relieved but more excited because I have exciting plans for this weekend, and of course I will be sharing all my experience with you guys later. But today, I will share with you my trip to Gouda last Sunday. I also went to The Hague (Den Haag) last weekend but I’m still editing the photos and vlog for that one, I’ve been quite busy making new friends and trying not to catch the flu again this week. 

Okay back to my visit to Gouda, I literally had no idea what to expect or do there. Gouda is located in South Holland, and famous for cheese, stroopwafels, candles and its old city hall. I went there on a Sunday, so the city was very quiet because I heard they are pretty conservative on preserving Sunday, majority of the population go to church and do not open shops on Sunday.

I took a train from Amsterdam Central Station, there is a direct line going to Gouda so I didn’t have to worry about hopping on-off the train then missing the next train hehee. It costs me Euro 11,50 per way.

I went there to meet a friend, she picked me up with her car in front of Gouda station. We went to the city center, and then I spotted the old city hall. It is such a beautiful building. We saw people going in and coming out of the building, so we figured that we could look around inside. We only had to pay a small contribution for the building’s maintenance (my friend was so kind that she paid for me, so I really don’t know how much that was). Then we were given introduction about the building (you can request the person to explain in English) and they gave me a paper with information about the building.

In front of the beautiful old city hall of Gouda
The marriage hall

Afterwards we were hungry and my friend told me that there is a cafe that sells the best apple pie in Holland. So we went there and the apple pie is really HUGE and very good.

The best apple pie! You can find it at Grand Central Cafe

When we met the weather was very gloomy, so we thought maybe we should just walk around Gouda or go shopping, but after lunch the weather was actually very nice and sunny! So my friend suggested that we go to Kinderdijk! It means I get to see more windmills.

So many windmills in one place…
Kinderdijk is a village in South Holland, this place is very famous for the windmills. It’s different from the windmills in Zaanse Schans (click here for my post about Zaanse Schans). I found the windmills in Kinderdijk to be more…traditional and authentic. And once I got there I could see why it’s so famous, it’s because you can see so many windmills in a row, which was a very beautiful sight. The windmills of Kinderdijk have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

I did a vlog for my entire day visiting Gouda and Kinderdijk, if you guys are interested to watch it, click here and it will lead you straight to my vlog! I hope you guys will enjoy it, and please bear with me because I’m still learning to make better vlogs. It gets really awkward talking to a camera in public, but I’m trying my best to get over my insecurities and just do it! 

Thank you very much for keeping up with my blogs, I hope that despite my bad writing skills, you guys still get something useful or informative out of my blog or maybe just enjoy the pictures.

I will talk to you guys again soon, enjoy your weekend!

Remember to keep dreaming, but don’t forget to wake up and make it happen ❤  

Sending you a bunch of warm hugs,


Artwork of people measuring cheese
Happier and chubbier

I took a solid 30 seconds looking at this view with my own eye balls before snapping a photo…so pretty❤


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