It’s Snowing in Amsterdam! Follow Me to the ‘Not So Secret’Secret Garden

Hi my beautiful friends! Weekend is here again, oh how I love the weekends! Last weekend, it was snowing in Amsterdam. Well, as you all may know already, I came from Bali – Indonesia, where the sun shines bright 90% of the year. To be able to watch the snow falling was a fascinating experience for me. Although I was still a bit sick, I took a quick shower, put on my coat and went outside to really feel the snow on my hands. It was sooooo cold! 

Post Card Photo
I feel bad for the cars

I was super excited, it was impossible to stay home and just lay in bed. So I decided to go explore a little bit, and I had to buy a new camera because I’ve been wanting to start vlogging while I’m here in Amsterdam. I actually tried to vlog this experience, but it was still a trial so I’m a bit hesitant and shy to share it, but well maybe I should share it and listen to your thoughts about it. Click here to watch my vlog, please bear with me because I’m really just an amateur hehee. Friendly comments, tips and advice are always welcomed.

 On my way to buy the camera, I stopped by a place called Begijnhof, or introduced to me as the ‘Secret Garden’. Well, it’s not so secret anymore now that it’s open for public. 

The ‘not so secret’ Secret Garden

You can enter for free, but to be honest there’s not much to see. However, it’s still beautiful in my eyes. Apparently it’s a place where nuns used to live, and it is very quiet, far from Amsterdam’s traffic noise. The houses are beautiful, I really loved it. What a hidden gem!

Proud big smile because I found this place myself like a boss!


I have no fixed plans yet for this weekend, well as I said before, I don’t have many friends yet in here. So if you guys have a friend here in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands, give me a shoutout! I’m always happy to make new friends, and I hope I can make many friends while I’m here.

So, what’s your plan for the weekend guys? 

Whatever it is, I hope it will bring you loads and loads of happiness.

Don’t forget to keep chasing your dream and make it happen!

Talk to you soonest.

Sending you warm hugs and smooches,




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