Hello, Amsterdam

Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back and I got a lot to share.

On January 15, I came here to Amsterdam for a new journey and adventure. I will be here for the next 3 months, to experience daily life and working environment here in Amsterdam. I am super blessed to have received this opportunity and I can’t wait to do literally everything that I can do while I’m here!

Prinsengracht Canal

By far I’ve really been enjoying the beautiful city, the canals and old vintage houses really took my breath away. It’s so nice to watch couples walking and holding hands, especially since it’s winter the extra warmth that your loved one provides would really mean a lot. I have been trying to adjust myself with the winter’s coldness, it really is a challenge. For a girl who grew up in a tropical country where the sun is always shining, well we do have rainy season too but not that long, living in the winter is really really tough. The hardest part was being lost in a city I wasn’t familiar with while walking in a -2 degree temperature. I don’t really like crying in public, but I almost shed a tear because it was just too cold and everywhere I turned the view was the same: old houses and canals. I really couldn’t tell the difference, since it was only my third day in Amsterdam. It was impossible to go back to my apartment!

Wrapped up like a human burrito because it was just too cold

Regardless of the cold weather and totally different kind of food (people here eat bread mostly, while I’m used to eat rice 3x a day), I have been loving this journey. My goal is to explore more parts of the Netherland, and to make new friends. I came here without knowing a single soul around my age, so it gets lonely at times because I’m the kind of girl who make friends anywhere at anytime. Well I hope as time passes by I can meet more people and make more friends. I’m the kind of person who just cannot exist without good friends around me, so if any of you know or have a friend who is living in Amsterdam, give me a shoutout!

I’m super excited to start making memories that I will cherish forever. I can see myself telling the story of my adventure to my children and grand children. I can’t wait to tell them that I have lived my life, and that I took all the once-in-a-lifetime chances that were thrown at me and actually made the best out of it all!

So until my next post, dreams are powerful, guys. But  nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream, so wake up and make it happen! Don’t wait for a boyfriend or a girlfriend to motivate you to chase your dreams, or hoping that you will win a lottery one day to finance your traveling expenses. Know that you are capable and you can do anything you set your mind to. If other people can reach their dreams and goals, it means that we are just as powerful and awesome as our fellow human! Promise me you’ll chase your dreams, and I’ll chase mine too. Let’s do this together and meet on top!

I haven’t taken many photos yet because it’s been really cold so I’ve been having problem with doing anything while I’m out and about, especially since I have to wear gloves, it’s so difficult to hold the camera and take a picture.

So far these are all I got, but I promise to take more photos in the future!

Beatrix Park
Excited to see a little bit of snow
Just across the Rijksmuseum, the biggest museum I have ever been to in my  life

Sending you loads of virtual x’s and o’s,



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