Bangkok with Bestie

Hi earthlings! It’s been a while. I’ve been really busy working and I got tangled up with so many projects. But I’m back, and I’m ready to share some of my traveling experiences over these past few weeks. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride, jumping from one place to another while having a full time job to juggle on a daily basis.

So, enough with my insignificant blabber. On the 4th of May, my bestie and I went to Bangkok for the first time ever in our lives. Ha. Shocking right. How come we’ve never been to Bangkok before. That  is almost impossible right? Well we had our reasons, first and foremost was safety, we were always nervous about traveling to Bangkok.

So we finally had the guts to go there and I should say it was a pretty awesome journey. Although there were bumps here and there, but we had an experience for a life time.

We kicked off the trip feeling annoyed because our flight was delayed for 4 hours. We were already on board, and 20 minutes after we were told to ‘disembark’ due to the runway was cracked. How the heck that could happened, we have no idea until today. The result of that turn of event was we ended up arriving in Bangkok around 12.30 AM. We went straight to our first hotel where we’ll be staying for 2 nights. The hotel was in Pratunam area, and it was a budget hotel that I don’t even want to mention. Why? Because we were too disappointed with the service, and we plan to never go back to that hotel. A piece of advice, don’t go for the cheap hotels, you can spare your budget for the plane and food and shopping, but do me a favor and stay in a nice 4 star hotel, at least. As for the area, Pratunam is very crowded with locals and tourists, since there are so many hotels, markets and shops in that area. Personally, I didn’t hate the area but I wasn’t comfortable with the crowd, but overall it was just okay for me, however I would prefer to stay somewhere else if I ever return to Bangkok.

We started our first day in Bangkok with riding Tuk tuk for the first time. Man, I tell you, it was such a rip off. The tuk tuk guy offered us 100 baht for the ride, and after a few moment of hardcore bargaining, we closed the deal at 50 baht. We went shopping to Platinum Mall, which is the paradise for a shopaholic. My bestie and I spent hours roaming around clothes, we went from excited to exhausted. After we were done with the shopping spree, we decided to visit Wat Arun Temple, also know as Temple of the Dawn.

Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn

The temple is situated on the west, by the bank of Chao Phraya River. The entry cost 100 baht and you have to wear appropriate attire, no shorts or tank tops. I was wearing shorts so I had to rent a sarong for a cover up.

The architecture is very colorful, the spires stands majestically over the water. My friend is a Buddhist, so she prayed a lot during our visit. The place is great for taking pictures and also you can ride a boat from the river bank and explore the canals of Thailand from there.

We desperately wanted to visit the famous Grand Palace, but it was closed when we got there, we were told that the royal family had just arrived for a visit, so no civilians allowed. Ha. I’ve always loved the term ‘royal family’, very fairy tale-ish.

Outside the Grand Palace

Because the palace was closed, the guards outside the palace told us to go experience the floating market. So we went to the port and bought ourselves tickets for the boat ride. It cost us 600 baht per person, and it took about 1 hour for the tour. However, by ‘floating market’ they meant 3 or 4 boats coming at you and selling souvenirs. What a bummer.

On our 3rd day, we moved to Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. After the Pratunam budget hotel disaster, moving there was like being taken to paradise. We loved every bit of the hotel, from the people, the interior, the food and the bar. I really enjoyed the @494 Bar at Grand Hyatt Erawan, so cozy but still very sexy, great for a date.

Grand Hyatt Erawan’s lobby and @494 Bar

The hotel is located beside the Erawan’s Shrine, which was bombed on August last year. My bestie went there and she prayed together with her brother.

We also enjoyed the street food while in Bangkok, super loved the food. It was not really really cheap but it was okay. My favorite would be the Mango sticky rice and because of the crazy heat in Thailand, I almost overdosed in Coconut Water. I consumed like 5 cocos in one day.

We didn’t get to vist a lot of tourist destination places because we consumed most of out time for shopping ( GIRLS ). But for us, it was a journey to remember. It bonded us as besties and it’s a story that we will pass down to our children. When we are old and retired, we will look back at all the silly crazy things that happened during our trip, how we share our ‘first time’ going to a country we knew nothing about. It’s not about where we went, but who we went there with. We are relatively weak and dependant young ladies, but we nailed Thailand!

If we can do it, if we can make this crazy thing happened, so can all of you.

As I always say, keep dreaming but remember to wake up and make it happen!
Sending you virtual x’s and o’s,


More photos now……..

P.S: Yes, this one for you bestie! I love you and thank you for being my support system. Although I always say ‘kamu lagi kamu lagi’ but I’m glad that you keep up with my craziness! Cheers😘

Special shoutout to Khery’s brother for taking care of us while we were there.

And to my Papa, for the support and for believing that my plan could actually work and for investing in me. I love you!