Trip to Central Java 

Hi earthlings! It’s my first post ever on WordPress, I have been debating with myself whether I want to start writing or not. Hopefully this first attempt wouldn’t bore you to death, and give you some positive input instead.

Initially, I only wanted a weekend getaway to Jogja, and visit my dear future sister-in-law. However, once I reached the destination, there was an exciting turn of event. We decided to explore Solo and Semarang too. How crazy was that! We probably made that decision after few glasses of wine, but believe me it was one of the best decision that I’ve ever made.

So I stayed in Hyatt Regency Yogya, and I got a chance to try out their cocktail at the Grand Club. The property was so beautiful, it has a golf course and all the instruments that will support your holiday needs.

I arrived there in the afternoon, around 3.00 pm Jogja time. So after the cocktail, we went straight to get dinner. We had dinner at Mediterranea Restaurant. Loved the ambiance and the food! And the price range was really affordable for a fancy dinner, we ordered a steak that was good for 2, it cost us only around Rp. 250,000, it was a pretty good deal.

The next day, we head to Solo right after breakfast at the hotel. It took about 1,5 hours drive to reach Solo. I’m an Adventist, hence why I have this need to go to church every Saturday. We went to Yoso SDA church, which had a really nice & engaging Sabbath service.

We were kind of debating whether to have lunch in Solo or Semarang, since we were afraid we won’t have enough time. It was going to take another 2,5 – 3 hours to reach Semarang. However, we were too hungry to compromise. So we went ahead and had Vien’s Selat Solo for lunch. It was the cheapest meal (considering it contained beef) that I have ever had for lunch. Hands down. It tasted okay, although it was kinda too sweet for me. After that we went to pick up some of Solo’s signature soerabi that came in 2 flavors: original and chocolate. I personally prefer the chocolate one, super yum!

The journey continued to Keraton Solo, although we only spent like 20 minutes there, we really couldn’t afford staying longer. For me it looked more or less the same as Keraton Jogja. What was intriguing was of course the myth and stories behind every corner of Keraton.

Then we hit the road for Semarang, I was super excited to visit a city that I’ve never been to. We got there around 4.00 pm, and then went straight to Lawang Sewu (1000 doors) and it was almost literal, so many doors! People told me that this place is creepy and a lot of people were sadistically murdered and abused during Japan’s colonialization in Indonesia. I did get a little bit of goose bumps, but I was too busy taking pictures. It was such a majestic place, beautiful architecture. Definitely worth a visit if you ever plan to to there.

It was getting dark, so we narrowed down our option and went to Kota Lama to take some picture. I enjoyed the vintage vibe, I felt like I was re-living the 1950’s.

To celebrate our successful 3 cities in 1 day journey, we went to the Tavern for dinner and a toast. Splendid food, loved the place. I highly recommend this place if you want to hang out in Semarang.

Well, I hope my blabber blog didn’t annoy you as much as it would if you hear me actually talk. I was so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and explore some parts of Java that I’ve never been to. I’m hoping to travel to other places soon, and will definitely share some of the stories and places worth sharing with you people of earth.

Never stop dreaming, but remember to wake up and make it happen!

X and O’s,


Selat Solo

Keraton Solo

  Striking a pose in Lawang Sewu

Dinner at Mediterranea Restaurant in Jogja


Lawang Sewu’s directory

As I told you, the name Lawang Sewu is almost literal. So many doors.

If you ever go to Semarang, check out this cool place.


  Loving this corner at Mediterranea Restaurant

    Dinner in Semarang


 Lawang Sewu (seribu pintu)

Cocktail at the Grand Club of Hyatt Regency Yogya



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